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161751107XShooting at the Pushkar Camel Festival, India
Ingrid Songster Photographer

Jenny Krasner’s digital artwork combines a passion for global exploration, conceptual experimentation and biographical narrative using digital painting and photographic composites as a form of visual ethnography. Krasner’s work both comments on and mirrors the very same process of appropriation and reinvention one finds in the street art of Asian, European and American urban spaces. The artwork is inspired by her photographic research around the world and a life long fascination with graffiti and street art; Krasner is essentially creating her own urban walls. By capturing and juxtaposing the disassociated images of an increasingly growing global community, she is constructing a visual cross-cultural dialogue on the nature of mass media and individual meaning. What should conceptually and visually clash, by happenstance becomes a plethora of innovative and extraordinary new pictorial worlds and creative ideologies.





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