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The SH Art Space Opening

O.K., as usual, this is a very long story which I will try and shorten….after designing the poster for the show this morning, which was posted all over the place when I showed up at 7:00 p.m. (it is astounding how fast things are done here)….I finally went to get my nails done at the Jing’an district which is about 6 New York City subway stops from the Gallery….with my nails wet at 6:45 p.m., because it is an important Chinese holiday, mid-autumn festival, the #2 train was not working, and there were tons of people all over the place hailing cabs and yelling…so, in my shorts, flip flops and tee shirt with my clothes in my bag, I had 15 minutes to get to my opening….some guy on a motorcycle picks me up…another 5 minutes of negotiating, I jump on the back and am basically Lear Jetted to the Gallery at warp speed through parks and walkways and through massive intersections with huge red lights implying “STOP”!!!!….holding onto this guy for dear life, we arrive, surprisingly still in tact…he drops me off and I change, show up and it is INCREDIBLE. This was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The work was framed beautifully, the food was excellent, the wine was from Napa Valley of all places…(they were the sponsors)….everyone was dressed up and looked beautiful, the room was filled with gallery dealers, collectors, art critics and friends. 50% Chinese, 50% expats…just an extraordinary experience. Everyone talks about fusing the West and the East, well…we did it this evening, REALLY did it…it was wonderful and everyone stayed until midnight…well…the wine was pretty good ;-)

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Video of the opening just below the photographs or HERE

The work from the exhibition may be viewed here: New Artwork



Jenny Krasner Shanghai Gallery Opening from Jenny Krasner on Vimeo.

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