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Venice Biennale Blog 2

Diary of an Infatuation Junkie© #2

Second installment: “How I’m Inspired by Walls + IndieGOGO Campaign in Full Swing!!!”

First I would like to immensely thank all the initial intrepid contributors to this exciting indiegogo campaign! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU “YOU” are helping to make this installation a reality!!!! You are THE BEST!!! :-)
Mark Seski donated a ROUND TRIP TICKET to VENICE!!! Go MARK!!!! How terrific is that!!! Now I can get there AND get back!

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So….I’ve been seeing so many great walls since I’ve started this 42 foot long art installation project. You’ve got to go see STREET ARTISTS WALLS @ CONEY ISLAND this summer, so terrific!:  Huffington Post Article.  I’m pretty convinced, El Seed, did the “new york” on the garbage can I found at Little 5Pointz. I wrote him but didn’t hear back….I love it though, THANK YOU El Seed, if you did do it! It’s in my apartment and makes me very happy everyday.

El Seed’s mural @ Coney Island
I think he did the “New York” on my can because of his play with “Calligraffiti”
Article here: Calligraffiti

el seed









My can and my can in situ


jkrasner_LIttle 5Pointz





































Another street artist I love is Mark Samsonovich, as he makes interactive street installations…you can see one here…he builds it and then just leaves them there for people to find, just too cool!  http://loveistelepathic.com/InnerPages/COMPLETECOLLECTION.html#A6

A photo I took of his “LOVE IS TELEPATHIC” in SoHo wayyyy up in the air! Too fabulous!
















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And please Visit or ‘like’ my Facebook page! The Venice Biennale Jenny Krasner Project

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