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Diary of an Infatuation Junkie© #9 “What I’ve been Doing for the Past Four Months” Or “Don’t try this At Home!”   Short VIDEO of ART INSTALLATION VENICE BIENNALE ART INSTALLATION from Jenny Krasner on Vimeo.           “Diary of an Infatuation Junkie” is the title for my recent body of work. […]

Diary of an Infatuation Junkie© #8 “Why did I Fire the Help?” OR “Building of the Venice Biennale Art Installation” One of my favorite things I like to say when I wake up is, “Why did I fire the help?”…..wouldn’t it be nice to have tea and chocolate croissants brought to one as they gently […]

Diary of an Infatuation Junkie© #7 Please visit or ‘like’ my Facebook page: The Venice Biennale Jenny Krasner Project O.K., well, I massively apologize for being off the grid, but this endeavor has proven to be about one of the most difficult projects I have ever encountered in my life which is saying quite a […]

FINAL DAY of THE IndieGOGO Campaign!!!!! HERE NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!! Be part of this, but today IS THE LAST DAY!!!!! :-) – please note, you are able to continue donating if you would like but the campaign is officially over tomorrow and this is the last chance to get a Perk specifically designed for […]

Venice Biennale Blog INDIEGOGO Campaign Ending this July 28th! ONLY NINE MORE DAYS!!!! Raised over $5200 of the $12,000 we need! (all FABULOUS donors listed at end of Blog) Every penny counts + we’re not there yet! :-) THIS HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!!! Please get involved in making this Project a reality!: INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN Diary […]

INDIEGOGO Campaign  ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT! 1/2 way there!!! :-) ALL ASTOUNDING CONTRIBUTORS LISTED AT END OF BLOG – All of you are AMAZING!!!! XOXOXOX!!!!! Supplies are all covered! But time is of the essence!!! We still need to GET IT TO VENICE! Please help by Picking a Perk and get this project to Venice! […]

Diary of an Infatuation Junkie© #3 Third installment: “Where to Stay in Venice” or “OMG!!!!!! Did I LUCK OUT!!!!!!!!”               INDIEGOGO Campaign Ending this July 27th! Raised over $4200 of the $12,000 we need in less than 2 weeks! THANK YOU everyone! But we’re not there yet! :-) Please […]

Diary of an Infatuation Junkie© #2 Second installment: “How I’m Inspired by Walls + IndieGOGO Campaign in Full Swing!!!” First I would like to immensely thank all the initial intrepid contributors to this exciting indiegogo campaign! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU “YOU” are helping to make this installation a reality!!!! You are THE BEST!!! […]

Diary of an Infatuation Junkie© #1 First installment: “IndieGOGO Campaign goes LIVE! or Oh Crap-a-Mundo” IndieGOGO LINK HERE: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jenny-krasner-s-venice-biennale-art-installation#/story Please follow along with me, Jenny Krasner, as we go together from nothing existing in a tiny studio apartment in New York City, to the creation of a MASSIVE VENICE BIENNALE ART INSTALLATION!!! :-)  We’ll discover […]